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Kangaroo Skins

Kangaroo Skins

Quality Australian tanned. Ideal gift, suitable for decorative floor rugs an ideal talking point.


NOTE: Please be aware that the prices you see are in Australian Dollars. To see the price in your currency click on the CURRENCY CONVERTER link, enter the amount shown for your chosen product in AUD and click GO.

Kangaroo Skin Rug Small
Kangaroo Skin Rug Small

Size measured in inches is approximately 27 in length, 32 wide and tail 22.


Kangaroo Skin Rug Medium
Kangaroo Skin Rug Medium

Size measured in inches is approximately 33 in length, 33 wide and tail 27.


Kangaroo Skin Rug Large
Kangaroo Skin Rug Large

Size measured in inches is approximately 35 in length, 36 wide and tail 32.


Kangaroo Skin Rug Xtra Large
Kangaroo Skin Rug Xtra Large

Size measured in inches is approximately 39 in length, 38 wide and tail 35.